Smart Ideas


I am not talking about to open a brand or to compete with KFC or McDonald etc, but i basically want to say is to you sell local food like samosas pakoras etc in a decent way. What is McDonald? It is just America's local food, selling in a decent way. Remember, if people like your stuff, it will automatically become a brand in long run. So here are my some tips to make desi food, look in a decent way.
1. Name:
          Please choose a unique name. I have seen many restaurants with names similar to higher brands like CFC, burger hut etc. People do not like such things. they know, it is not that KFC or pizza hut's quality or stuff there. If you come up with a unique food item for people, come with a unique name first for it because is the first thing people notices while roaming or searching for a good eating time.
2. Quality:
          Do not lower the quality of the food you want to provide just because to save some money. lower quality might help you in start to getting profit, but you will lose your customers. Always think about the long run.
3. Hygiene:
          Desi people usually like unhygenic food, mostly in villages. sharing my experience here, i was eating a samosa and there was a cockroach inside. I was a teenager then. instead of throwing the samosa, i break that part, throw it, read BismiLLAH and eat it again.But if you want to make your product, a brand then you will have to work hard on the hygienic field, because no one will pay you high price for unhygienic food.
4. Packaging:
           Back in my teenage time, and even now, samosas and pakoras are sold in some random old newspaper. This will surely not gonna work while you branding that stuff. People usually gonna pay you high price for a good looking packaging, because "jo dikhta hai, wo bikta hai".
5: Location:
            Do not open it into some village or small towns, because they are habitual to lower price samosas. even if it is unhealthy, unhygienic, as long as it is lower than your's samosa, they will go for that. Open it in a big city where rich class people usually lives. if you dont have any place, take some place on rent and go for your project.