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Goat Farming Business In Pakistan

Goat farming means having goats for commercial purpose, either it is regarding milk, meat or sale etc. This business is growing rapidly as it turned out into a very profitable business. The things that are discussed in this article are related to, how we can start the goat farming business in Pakistan or India or any other country. This is a sunnah as well because prophet Mohammad (SAWW) himself have goats. So if you see from Islamic point of view, lots of blessings are there in this business as well.

1.     Land:

    The land, in this business, plays a very vital role. You can start this business either on your personal land or you can rent some. It is preferred that you should have your own to avoid rental expense. If you don’t have any land, it is recommended to buy one, if you have enough to buy it because it’s not an expense, but your asset which will also give you profit with the passage of time. Land’s location is preferred in the village areas, where fodder (chaara) crops are available nearby or where it is easy to take your goats outside and feed them. Feeding goats is not so easy, so it is preferable for you as a business man to hire a suitable person for this job. Many villagers are experienced in this thing and could be hired on very low salary.

How much Land required?

       The area of the land depends upon how many goats you want for your business. You can easily have 30 goats on 5 marla land but I will recommend 1 kanal (20 marla) land for this business. The reason of this, if you think in long run, the number of goats you have in start will be increased after few months as new born babies come to the life. So the low area land will not be enough for them.


2.     Goats:

    You can buy any kind and number of goats you want, let’s say 60 goats. I will recommend buying 50 females and 10 males. You will get these on approximately 10,000 PKR/goat. It can go high or low from this price, it’s just an average rate. You can buy any kind if you like to, I will suggest “Teddy Goat”.  The growth rate of this kind of goats is very high. They give birth to more babies. You can also get desi or nachi but their rates are very high and growth rate is low.

     60 Goats you purchased on investment of 6 lakh PKR is also your asset, as if you sale these goats, it will return back your investment.

    Goats shall not be tied but must be kept open always. With this act, they can do whatever they want to do. In this way, they will enjoy and their growth will be good and lesser attacked by any disease.


3.     Building:

      You shall do fencing (Char deewari) on your land first. Its up to you whether you do temporarily or permanently. Make a shed (Chajja) on 10 marla and make other 10 marla, open. Within the shed, in one side of the wall, make a long khurli, where you will put Fodder (Chara). Make one khurli in the open side too, where you also put Fodder. Make a tankage (Pani ki Tanki) in half under the shed, and half in open space. The reason of this is the weather. Goats prefer to drink water from shadow area in the hot weather and vice versa. Pavement (Farsh) shall not be done on the whole land, either shaded or open, but cleanliness must be kept in mind.


4.     Fodder (Chaara):

           The wastage of goats ( Mengrian) must not be wasted as it is one of the best fertilizer (Khaad). Take your goats outside in the morning for feeding, or ask your labor to do this. Go in the morning, and return back in afternoon. In extreme weather conditions, either hot or cold, avoid sending goats outside. Other option is to buy fodder from the market, which could be costly. Recommended option is to get a land of approximately 1 acre and cultivate (Kasht) your own fodder there.


5.     Tools and Machinery:

           You need a fodder cutting machine (Tokka). Then you need tubs (Baltiyan), small feeders, and a water motor.

6.     Illness and diseases:

       FMD (Foot Mouth Disease) also known as Mou Khor beemari. This desease usually occurs in spring season. FMD vaccine is used for its cure. Other disease is Psoriasis. CPD vaccine is used from April to October for its cure. Anthrax (Tahali Bukhar)is also a common disease and Anthrax for vaccine is used between march and april for its cure. Vario (Cheechak) is cured by the Goatpox treatment used from March to December.

7.     Profit:

       First of all, as discussed above, the land acquired for fodder, grow the wastage of goats, there. This is one of the best organic matter. The wastage of goats is even exported to U.A.E. So first thing is to grow their crops, and when you have more with the passage of time, you can sell or export too. Goats usually give birth in 5 months. If 1 goat give birth to 2 babies (can be more). If you calculate, 50 females give birth to 100 babies in 5 months. Take care of these babies. Fodder in first 2 months, is not necessary, because they feed themselves from their mothers. With the gap of 1 month, they again get impregnated and give birth to 100 more babies in next 5 months. With these calculations, they give birth to 200 babies within a year. But, before the babies of second round come to existence, the first one are already in adult stage. They are also now capable of producing babies. If you sell these adult goats, with an average rate of 6500  (can be more), then it would be sold on the profit of 650000. The second round also will be sold in the same profit. Those goats, which crossed 1 year time can also be sold on Eid festival, and you know very well the rates on that festival.

8.     Conclusion:

                So it is all about  this business. If you want to do this, you will learn more about it slowly slowly. If you feel that this business is not giving much profit or is going to loss, you can take each penny you invested by selling all the things, including goats, building land etc, but I have never heard anyone, being in loss In this business. Its not compulsory that you start with 60 goats only, it depends on how much money you have. If you don’t have enough, start with less goats, if you have more then you can start with more goats. Its all upto you.