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Sports Shop - How To Start Sports Shop In Pakistan And India

You all are very familiar with the trend of cricket in India and Pakistan and other Asian countries. It does not matter whether it is a day or night, a proper ground or not, a hot or cold weather, you will see people playing cricket in these countries. You might also see a craze of football in some areas especially in football season. In very few cases, you might see players playing their own national game i.e. hockey.  And last but not the least, badminton mostly played in the homes or in while on picnics. So basically, throughout the year, everyone is busy in sports stuff in India and Pakistan. But did you ever think, that from where they get these tools like bat, racket etc.? A very common answer, from the SPORTS shop.

Have you ever noticed around you, in your city or village, how many sports shop are there? Hardly any from you might know more than 5 shops. These few shops are providing stuff to the whole city and villages connected to it.  So what if you fulfil this demand and earn money by getting into this business? Follow some basic steps to do so.

You can start it with any investment you want to do but if you think it can be started with 1 or 2 lakh PKR, you might need to think again. Minimum investment for a small shop should be 5 lakh and average business, 10 lakh and more. The feasibility discussed in this article will be of 10 lakh investment.

An obvious thing, to start this business you need a shop first. Get a good simple shop according to your range on the rent of maximum 20000 PKR. Should be wider, not like 10x10. Preferable, 12-14 foot front, 18 foot length. With the advance of 5 months payment of 20000 rent, it will become 1 lakh investment.  After this, the next thing you need in your shop is racks. Since it is a sports shop, racks are much needed for it. Minimum investment of 1 lakh will be used on this. Afterwards, you need a good and beautiful counter for your shop which may cost 50000 PKR.

Most people from villages or small towns do this mistake, as they move to major cities e.g. a citizen of khanewal will move to Multan, Kasur to Lahore, kohat to Peshawar etc. But what actually is recommended to start a sports shop in Pakistan is to move to Sialkot. Here you will get each and every sports related stuff. Even these sports stuff is exported all over the world more than any other country. Even in the last world cup of football, footballs of Sialkot were used in it. Bottom line is that, you will get A-Z sports related stuff from there.  Get the rate list and buy all the necessary stuff for you shop with the minimum investment of 7 lakh PKR. Bring them to your shop and display on the racks. Different codes are attached with different products. Now if the price of any product, say a cricket bat, is 400. So you will offer its price double of whatever you have bought at. In this case, it will be 800. So while setting a code, you simply put an additional 0 as its suffix, making it a code 8000. Now, whenever someone comes to your shop and selects that cricket bat, with that code of 8000, you can simply identify that its purchasing rate is 400 and demanding price is 800. You can give them discount whatever you want to, keeping your profit margin. Most of the time, people usually demand for 50 or 100 less and some pay whatever the price is demanded and hence, a lot can be saved from a single product.  

Most demandable products in India and Pakistan are

1.    Cricket Bat

2.    Tennis Balls

3.    Tapes

4.    Wickets


So you need to buy less quantity of products which have fewer sales, and more quantity which has more sales. It is a very comfortable business, and no need to work hard in it. You can easily earn 50000to 70000 monthly from a simple shop in normal months, and 100000 to 150000 in cricket season or summer holidays.