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How To Do Keyword Research With Gooogle Keyword Planner

This article is based on how google keyword planner works, type of people use it, how it can be used and what it is actually? It is very useful thing for internet marketing or for your websites or blogs etc. even if you don’t have any of such things, still you can learn a lot from it.

Keyword planning tool is used to plan a keyword. Now, what is keyword, and why to plan it? Keywords actually are the small words or terms searched by the people. So with this tool, you can easily search about how many times a particular word is searched in a specific period of time. So if any word you use in your blog or website, which is most, searched, it will reach more number of people.  For Example black widow; suppose it is most searched by the people in the last few months. So if you use the word “Black Widow”, more chances will be occur of people visiting your website or blog.  It is one of the ways of getting traffic to your website. You actually providing what people demand. So to know the demand of people, keyword planner tool is used.

Simply login to with your Gmail id and start doing your job. Type any word you need to know about under the category of “Find New Keywords and get Search Volume Data”. For example black widow. Type “Black widow” and click “Get Idea”. After clicking on this button, you will have all the data, figures with graphs, on your screen.  You will also see a column of “competition” right after “Average Monthly Services”. This column tells about how much competition is there for the keyword you are searching for.  It means, how many other people are searching and ranking the same keyword, i.e. in this example “Black widow”. Low competition means, very few people are using this keyword, and if you use the exact keyword, then you can easily get searched on google. Medium means a little trouble and if it is high, then you will have to make lot of hard work for it, to appear in top searches of google.  So it is not recommended by anyone to go with such a word that has high competition.  Now instead of using highly competition keyword, you shall go for the word that has low competition. Here this tool of google helps you as well to choose the most suitable word for your website, by giving suggestions related to your searched keyword along with its competition status.

So let’s suppose, Black widow has high competition, so instead of using it we search for other related words with low competition, let say “the black widow”.  Now let’s suppose, with the low competition, its average monthly searches are also low. Still it is preferred to use the low competition words, so you can slowly slowly rank up in the google and reach your target.  This is what keyword planning is called.

If you have any website or blog, or if you are an online seller, then you must do keyword planning for it according to your niche.