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Fish Farming Business In Pakistan- Get A Detailed Note On How To Do This Business

Investment needed for this business is not very high.  Hardworking and investment in this business, are both low but profit is not. One can easily earn a huge advantage from this business. All you need first, is the land to start this business. 1 kanal, 2 kanal, 4 or 10 kanal. As much as you desire and afford. In the 1 kanal land, almost 100 fishes can be grown. Some might take this number to 120, or even 150. If you have a land of, say 5 acre, do not create a farm exceeding from 1 acre, rather you can create 5 farms, of 1 acre each.

First of all, start digging your land, and store the mud around its borders, so it can become a pool. For example, if you dig it down, say 3 foot, by adding same mud around its borders, the whole pool will become 6 foot. This is enough to make a farm for your fishes.

After this, you need to spread gypsum into it. Around 1000-1500 would be the cost on it. This will kill all the germs that are present into that pool area, also it will maintain the PH of the water.

After this, take a baby fish. In some areas, it is also called ponga. From 18-25 RS, would be the cost on 100 grams or 150 grams. Do not take one variety fish, rather take 3 type of varieties. Either take, rohu, thela, gras, mori etc, whatever you like. Some fishes, live at the bottom level of the water, some in center and some at top. So when you throw food into the water, some will remain at top, some will reach bottom rapidly, and some part of it reach bottom, slowly slowly. So the top will be eaten by top, slowly motion food will be eaten by medium level fishes, and bottom level food will be eaten by bottom fishes. In this way, the food will not be waste.

To fill the pools with water, you can use the sources like, if you have water flow through your area, make it like that way, water enters into your pool, through one way and exits from the other side. If not, then you can use a small 4 inch tube well. The turbines or wells, can also be ran on solar system. The best time to put fishes into your farms, is in the months of March and April. Make a schedule of any one time in a day to put the food to your fishes. What includes in their foods? The spare chapatti (roti), fruits peels, choker, flour, corn etc. however, this will not make your fishes too heavy. If you take readymade food from the market, costs around 1050 – 1500 RS of 50 kg bags. Use 4 kg per day and make it grow slowly slowly to 10 kg, as per the growth of your fish. In the month of May, it is more necessary to keep the water temperature normal, as water evaporates due to heat. So it is necessary to run your turbines from 11 o clock to 3 pm. Its sale usually starts in the month of September, October etc. when rains and fogs start, the rate is best to sell your fishes. The rate of 1 kg, 1.5 kg and 2 kg are different from each other. For example the rate of 1 kg rohu is 6500 per maund. 1.5 kg is 7500 per maund, and 2 kg is 8500 per maund. After selling all your fishes (hardly takes 2-3 days), empty your farms, and make them empty for two to three months and start again for the next season.