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Blocks Manufacturing Business In Pakistan

It is very common in India and Pakistan, that people usually use blocks for buildings, especially to build fences ( 4 deewari) and footpaths.

Land required for this business is minimum 1 kanal. If it is half acre, then it is best for this business. You don’t need any building to start this business, just a room or any readymade shed, just to store your cement and other tools. The main thing required is the floor. If it is not permanent, then you need to make it. If you have land, say 1 kanal, then you need to cover 15 marla permanent flooring, and if it is 4 kanal, then you need to cover 3 kanal. Either make it permanent with bricks, concrete, or with the blocks (created by your own). It is not necessary to do this at once, but gradually with time to time. The reason behind this, is only when the blocks are in the process of manufacturing, there is a risk that blocks sink into the mud, and mud will attach to it, making it a bad product. Concrete floor is best among all. To make a floor permanent, hardly cost would be around 3 lakh rupees on 3 kanal flooring and 1 lakh for 15 marla.

Raw material used for this business are cement, placer (rait), or silica sand, gravels, or chips, or crush etc, as per your requirement. Gravel of 500 muraba foot, will cost you around 9000 Rs. Cement 50 kg around 500 Rs, however its rate usually fluctuates. Sometimes it is higher, sometimes lower. You can make a contract with any cement company on daily, weekly or monthly basis as per your desires. These all upper mentioned raw material will be mixed together, in the ratio of 20% cement, and 80% other stuff. After this, a small amount of drinking water will be added just to make it wet, not more than that. So when it is compressed, cement will react with other stuffs and become a one solid thing. 400psi pressure is ideally given to it, as per very high tech plants which makes it very strong.

Tools and machinery required for this business are mixer, cost you around 3.4 lacs. Machine used to create these bricks, or blocks will cost you around 85 thousand rupees.

Staff required, one expert for mixing, one as an operator, a helper to put raw materials in mixing machine, a helper to bring the mixed stuff to the expert. 2 labor to store the blocks. So totally with 6 people, you can easily run this business.

You need to focus on its quality and sizes. It should be same for all. As it is very necessary while building any wall.

If you save, say only 1 Rs, on 1 block, and you create 3000 blocks per day, you will save 3000 rs per day, monthly profit will become 90000 Rs.

To sell this product, you need to put samples of your product on the shops where you purchased your raw material, they will sell it on some commission. Second way, is to hire a sales person, who is linked with civil engineers and some other big construction companies. He will bring big orders for you. With this, you don’t need to pay for transportation.

If you need to buy the machineries for this business, contact 0300-7055767 Sohail from Karachi.