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Fish Farmind In Smaller Land

Land required for this business is only 5 marlas (151.25 sq yards). You need to dig the pool of depth of almost 3 - 3.5 ft. Generally people start this business with 50-60 fishes, but to earn more profit, you can put more than that. It is ideal to put different kinds of fishes, rather than only 1 kind. Say, put 30 fishes of one kind, then 30 fishes of other kind and so on. It is recommended that you should put that amount of fish in your pool, whose food can be easily managed by you. Some fishes eat fodder (chaara),   fertilizer (khaad) plays a good role, it is important to note this, that fishes dont eat fertilizer (khaad) directly, but the plants it make under the water. you can also use muck (gobar). Muck can be fresh or dried, it does not matter. Even they eat the wood also. Usually the kinds used in Pakistan are, thela, rohu, silver, grass carp etc. 

Cost on digging will be around 5000 pkr, rates of fishes from hatchery, would be around 4-5 pkr per piece. Ideal months are march and april, so that they get ready for the season, starts from September. Till month of November, it is estimated that it will weight above 1.5 kg. It is best for their growth that the environment should be remain suitable for them. Water should be of mild green is also recommended, that water should be fall from some height, so that more oxygen can entered into it. Rain is best for such condition. It is best that you make a shower system, which takes the same water and shower it in. That way, oxygen issues will not be a problem.