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Part Time Jobs In Dubai Or SaudiArabia Or Anyother Country

Following are some best gigs to be worked and earn money from during this summer. These gigs work better in foreign countries or state like SaudiaArabia or Dubai, Sharja etc. Other than your daily routine work, these side jobs can really give you a good income.


1. Lawn Care Pro

Get the suitable tools, and make yourself advertised in your area by good word of mouth of any other mean suitable for you such as local broadcastings, email lists and social media (facebook, twitter etc). Estimations says you can earn $35 per lawn or even more if you can add other services like weed pulling, watering and applying chemicals etc.

2. Pool Cleaner

If you can provide a good care to the pool or you know the basic tips of how to manage a pool, then it is estimated that you can easily earn 20$/hour, which is currently equivalent to 2420 pkr per hour.

3. Event Waiter or Bartender

Catering companies are usually in the search of summer workers to work for them in staff weddings, corporate parties, outdoor festivals and other events. As per estimations, cater waiters earn an average of $10.34 per hour, and event bartenders make up to $25 per hour excluding tips. If you really want to join then, Google “catering jobs (with your city’s zip code) to see local opportunities.

4. Pet Sitter

Instead of boarding their pets, many tourists are in favor of in-home services to avoid seperation. Estimation suggests that, you could earn $50 to $75, based on where are you living. Search for such kind of gigs at PetSitter, SitterCity or

5. House Sitter

Other than tourists having pets, many non-pet tourists may also want someone to watch for their home, gather their mail and water their plants regularly. suggests that most house sitters charge $24 to $45 per day. Check out the listings in or

6. Mover

According to American Moving and Storage Association, almost half of all the journeys or trips occur in between June to September, which means there are several opportunities to make around $30 per hour as a mover this summer. Advertise online, or look for gigs on Thumbtack, Fiverr and Craigslist.

7. Furniture Assembler

Furniture-assembling definitely is not everyone’s main focus, so it’s a great side work for the related workers. You can charge hourly or by unit, either independently or using services like TaskRabbit and Thumbtack to connect with your customers. TaskRabbit suggests you can charge $25 to $65 an hour, depending on how difficult the assembly is.

8. Lifeguard

If you are a certified lifeguard, or willing to get certified by the Red Cross or a municipal program then summer is the perfect time to get a job at your local pool, beach or club. Charge around $9 per hour.

9. Tennis Coach

Glassdoor estimates that a tennis pro at a major health club chain earn