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14 Part Time Summer Jobs That Can Make You Good Income On Daily Basis

1. AirBnB Host

If you’ve got extra space or plan on traveling and could offer up your bedroom for rent, consider becoming an AirBnB host. Earnings depend on your location, amenities and number of guests you host, but $81 is the average nightly rate in major U.S. cities.

2. Event Security Guard

Working the door at events can net you around $13 per hour, according to Glassdoor. Security tasks can involve managing a guest list and checking IDs, patrolling for safety hazards and removing unruly guests. Check and JobMonkey for gigs. 

3. Mock Juror

Participating in one-day mock trials and focus groups through litigious consulting firms can net up $200 to $250 per day. You can also find online jobs through sites like, and Also, as plenty of hopeful lawyers will be taking the bar exam this July, see if any student groups or prep courses need help.

4. Audio Transcriber

Writers and researchers are often looking for transcription help. For example, a college professor using the summer break to work on a publication may want assistance. The going rate for this type of work is $1 to $1.50 per minute of audio transcribed. You can work through an agency like Rev, or get in touch with local or online writers’ groups to solicit jobs.

5. Summer Sports Coach

Does your area have adult sports leagues for summer sports like baseball and volleyball? See if you can coach a team or referee some games. Indeed says this can yield more than $20 an hour.

6. Babysitter or Camp Counselor

School’s out for summer, which means many parents need suitable childcare and activities for their kids. The 2017 survey found that babysitters make an average of $14 an hour. You could also find part-time or weekend work as a day camp counselor, making roughly $9 an hour at places like the YMCA.

7. Mystery Shopper

Mystery shoppers get paid to be customers at a store or restaurant and report back on the experience. (Mystery Shopper Magazine lists multiple companies hiring for the summer.) JobMonkey says you can expect to make around $8 an hour to start, then work your way up to $25 or more. Look for these gigs on job listing websites. 

8. Tutor

Some kids need tutoring to help them through summer school or to prevent backsliding before fall. Knowledge Roundtable estimates that tutors earn between $17 and $45 an hour, but specialists can command more. Join a local tutoring agency or advertise your services online.

9. Rideshare Driver

Working for Lyft, Uber or other rideshare company can be a lucrative side gig, particularly if you live near a big transit hub like an airport, train station or bus terminal. Glassdoor estimates that Uber drivers make around $15 hourly, though this doesn’t cov