Smart Ideas

Save Money Means Money Earned

“A penny saved, is a penny earned”

If you are not good in earnings, try saving the money in following small (and pretty painless) ways to your spending habits and yes, without having to eliminate anything you love.

1. Eat in one more night per week

People dine out 4 -5 times every week, spending around $250 per month on average, which means, each meal costs almost $14. What you need to do, is to eliminate just one restaurant meal per week, and instead of it, eat something you already have in reach.

Money saved: $56

2. Reduce your food waste.

An average household wastes about $1,600 on food that is uneaten, every year. Eat leftovers, properly store foods for longer shelf lives and look for recipes using scraps and certain ingredients past their prime, like banana bread, vegetable stock and soup.

Money saved: $133

3. Use free apps and coupons.

Using few coupons before hitting the store or online sites easily saves $30 per week, according to one survey. And use free apps and browser extensions, like Honey, Coupon Sherpa and Grocery iQ, for totally effortless savings.

Money saved: $120

4. Drop your gym membership.

According to Statistic Brain, 67 percent of gym members never came back after two or three days. If that is the case with you, stop paying and deposit that cash into bank instead. If you really want yourself to get into fitness fix, Google free workouts or look for free outdoor classes in your area.

Note:  If you are a regular gym user, consider cutting other memberships you may not be using.

Money saved: $58

5. Negotiate your Internet bill.

Research competitor prices, then negotiate with your service provider for a potential monthly savings of about $50. Many states also offer subsidies for low-income residents, which could cut costs even more.

Money saved: $50

6. Cut the cord and tune into Netflix.

Paying 50-60$ per month on cable channels, which you don’t like even, but just few is not a good option at all if  you can get 8$ subscription on Netflix instead.

Money saved: $42Bottom of Form

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