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Panaflex Business - How To Start In Pakistan?

Banner,holding are one of the most easiest and important way of doing outdoor advertisement.flex printing business doesnot require big capital it can be started with small investment

          here in this article we will help you how you can become entrepreneur by starting your own business of printing

       first you have to obtained a space where you can setup your eholer business shpuldr be spacious in order to avoid any hurdle in operations.

        second one is,you can obtained a relatively small retail shop in order to establish a small area where the designing department can be establish and for the machinery look ourt for some least expensive space.

       the first choice is quite remunerative.inspite of that  dont have your own place to canopt fir the second option which is quite affordable and profitable.this business is going at a rapid pace in is still considered to be a fastest and impprtant mean of marketing,this business Is getting growing demands cities like lahore,karachi,faisalabad,rawalpindi and peshawar.


- educational institutions and sports bodies uses these flex and banners in every functions or events,political parties are one of their regular customers,who uses these flexes for their gatherings and rallies.many industries uses these flexes and banners for promtion of their upcoming products.this business has a quite sound local market.

           flex printing business investment:

             you need a moderate capital for the flex printing machinery and you will also need to have capital for obtaining a place,labour and technical equipments like computers internet connectins and designing can apply for the funds for the purchasing of machinery,if you dont have the capital to buy can also avail the facility of the project finance program.


business plan

before starting you should have a good business plan you can take advice from the experts and the persons who are in this business,and you should sort out the fiannce and skill you need for that business.


locations is very important for the succes of the business,so select the place where it is easily accessible for the can be in any commercial area or market.the other thing ia that the partition of your business place ,your should have separate place for client dealing,printing operations and designing shop.


registering your business is very important,because most clients like to work with registered firms to avoid any inconvenience,so first of all check the registration procedure and terms and conditions. for the tax you can hire tax consultant regarding the tax issues.

purchasing of machinery

there are many brands of printing machinery are avialable in mArkets,you have to acquire according to your need,give importance to quality and reliability while purchasin thr machine. purchase the latest computer and th printer which is essential for the final design.get the software.


hiring the manpower with the right skill and capability is important because the succes of business depends on them.hiring the desginer and printing person with the good experience and skill is very essential.

promotion of business

without promotion no business can previal,so in printing business you should attract the domestic Market first and should make your business availabilty in local newspapers.internet is also an important medium to promote your business. making a website helps you alot in promotion you can make an online store for your will help to attract the customers and gaining of is a good medium of making a good relationshi with customers by providing excellent and reliable services.