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Acrylic Button Making Business On Small Scale.

Button making business is a good all season business. A person can even start acrylic button making on small scale and can run his or her business from home at very low cost. Clothing Brands are one of the major buyers of acrylic buttons because they need buttons for their readymade garments. If you have small room or space which is not in your use then make make it use full because this business requires very little space. If you want to start your business with very low investment then button making business is the good and profitable option.                              Following are the step to start acrylic button making business.                  *Manufacturing process of acrylic button*                                    Simple steps of button making        *Polyester Mixing*                         First  thing you need in button making is polyester. Polyester is easily amiable in local markets. Polyester comes in liquid form. Pour the liquid in storage container. Add catalyst and wax, if you want coloured buttons then add dye of colour that you need.                                *Pour the mixture*                           The mixture of polyester wax and catalyst is then poured into rotating stainless steel cylinder. Measure the amount of polyester to be poured according to to thickness of buttons that you want.                   *Hardening of Polyester*                The polyester solution  is hardened  to a solid form after  thirty minutes in a rotating cylinder of stainless steel. The hardened solution settles in the middle whereas wax remains on the top and bottom of the solution.                                           *Sheet form*                                    When the solution reaches desirable hardness, bring it out of the rotating cylinder and putt it on the wooden table. 

*Button Cutting*                               Cut the buttons  according to size and client's  requirement.            *Cooling of buttons*                       As buttons are too hot to handle . You can cool them by salt water, it is very good coolant. After cooling with salt water, transfer the buttons into cold water container.                       *Drying of buttons*                          For drying purpose centrifugal drying machine is used to dry buttons.                                                *Finishing Process*                        According to customer's order design the buttons and remove the edges to perfect finish. *Button making machine price*      If you want to test this business, then you need manual driven machine which you can find on olx in cheap price ranging from 11000Pkr to 27000Pkr.  If you want to start proper business then there are other full unit machines units are available in market.