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Gaming Parlour: Unique Business In Pakistan

The game business is showing great growth. And above all, 2 games that have revolutionized the gaming industry are PUBG and Fortnite.


PUBG has a total of 40 million players on all platforms. Today I will tell you the fastest and easiest way to start playing arcades.


Why start this mobile games business for pubs:


It has not yet been implemented in Pakistan

Most players have difficulty because of the slow internet speed.

Some people do not have friends, so they can easily find teams here.

In Pakistan, most of the consoles, arcade game rooms, pubg mobile rooms are unique.

You do not have to pay for the game, it's available for free.


Games room business requirements:

    50 Smartphone

    50 headphones

    2 employees

    20 table

    80 chair.

    A room divided into compartments.

    2 employees

    A small canteen for basic food (cold drink, fruit juice, samosas, dishes, etc.).


Reason why the game starts in the cafeteria


    Many people's smartphones have low specifications.

    Great interest in this game.

    They want to play this game in squadron (to bring friends, more people more money)


Business plan of the video game room (steps):


    Get a lobby-like area in a large residential area. I sell round table and chair for group. And get a good LAN connection.

    Use the layer to create different compartments so they are not irritated by other players' noise.

    Create a decoration that gives a sense of play.

    Canteen configuration inside.

    Buy 50 smartphones

    Buy 50 noise-canceling headphones with microphone


How to make money from the casino games business:


    Monthly passes, just like the gym.

    Based on no. of playing time for, for example, Rs 50 for 1 hour.

    People who have a smartphone but come here because of a good LAN connection. You can charge them accordingly


Total investment for coffee / lounge games in Pakistan:


    Rs 1800000 (about 9 lakh)

    You can also buy second-hand smartphones. And using this technique, your total investment will be Rs 10 lakh.


The total advantage in the business of video game rooms (is to start a profitable game room business):


    Rs 3 lakh from the 1st month if you can get 50 users a day.

    Service costs are very low, as the duration of a smartphone is around 3 or 4 years.

    Yes, starting from the table game business is profitable.


Future of the business plan of this game room:


    You can also add PCs, console games.

    You can also organize game tournament events nationally and internationally.