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How Does Dream11 Make Money?

The Dream 11 app has been downloaded more than 1 million times. People are crazy about this Dream11 fantasy cricket app. Because of the IPL, PSL etc this dream11 app is trendy. People bet a lot of money so they can earn a lot. Many people have earned huge amount of money. But the question is: how does Dream 11 make money?

In this post, I'll tell you how the Dream11 app earns money.

How does dream11 make money?


Let me make one thing clear, Google does not pay a single cent for downloads. It does not matter how many times your application is downloaded 100 times or 1 million times. They do not pay for this. Google only pays you if you have monetized your application through Ad Mob (Ad Mob is a mobile advertising company that allows you to post an ad on your application as YouTube.

 First, you form the team using 100 credits.

 So you have to choose any other paid competition.

Then, make the payment.

 Now the team with the highest score will win the competition.

 Suppose you choose the competition for the registration fee for Rs 30.

 This competition has a total of 20 teams.

 It means that the total money will be 20 × 30 = 600

 But they only distribute RS 500.

 So they are winning Rs 100 in this competition.

 Likewise, they win in every race.

 If we calculate the general benefit, then it will be about 2-3 crores per day.


In short, we can say that they only distribute 80% of the money on average and earn 20% of the money per competition.

How other applications like team11, Fantasy11, Fantain Fantasy Sports, etc. Do they earn money?


They are also using the same procedure. Some applications distribute more money and get less profits and others distribute less and earn money.


But Dream 11 is the most popular of all with the most customers.