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How Does The Quiz Apps, Like Loco, Earn Money?

The Loco application has been downloaded 1 million times and its number continues to grow exponentially.


Almost in every corner, the people in the group are playing this game in a crazy way.


Many people have earned money with loco applications and other tests.


But a question that runs in everyone's mind is how do you earn money and the other application of the questionnaires?


In this post, I will tell you how to earn money with loco and another trial application like Live Trivia, Top Quiz, Mob Show, etc.


First of all, I'll talk to you about the loco app.

How loco application makes money?


Let me make one thing clear, Google does not pay a single cent for downloads. It does not matter how many times your application is downloaded 100 times or 1 million times. They do not pay for this.


Google only pays you if you've monetized your application through AdMob (AdMob is a mobile advertising company that allows you to place an ad in your application as YouTube).


So, how crazy are you about making money?


From my case study, loco is now earning money through one way that is SMS.


Let me explain how to drive loco through SMS.


After downloading and installing this application, you need to register. To register, you are asked to register your mobile number after providing the number you send to otp and then confirm it.


Now they get their mobile number, now they have almost 1 million mobile phones and they give this phone number to an advertising agency for money. The AD agency pays a lot of money to the developer or owner of this application.


After this, the advertising agency will send you text messages like:


    Get your loan from this bank at the lowest interest rate

    It has been preselected to request more credit cards.

    Get 5 days travel to Paris with a 50% discount. etc


Why does the loco app give lots of money for free?


There is only one obvious reason for increasing the customer base. They are