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How Google Hire People? How You Can Get Hired?

   It is a common myth among people that Google only hires people from IT departments. It is not true. Google does not need someone to get graduate first. It can even hire people from even school level or people who even did not joined school ever in their entire life. Google diversely select candidates on the basis of experiences and GPA has nothing to do with it. Google does not ask you any tricky question or questions away of the topic but the questions to know more and more about you.

Hiring Process:

   First thing is to submit the application. First expression is last expression, so the application must be very accurate and look beautiful and attention catcher with 0 mistakes. You don’t have to fill sheets in the applications process. Read it from top to bottom, bottom to top, ask friends, teachers to find out mistakes before submitting, but it has to submit with 0 error.  You don’t need to give the idea of what you are doing or achieved in your current job, but what you can do for Google. Create a strong impact with your application. After your application gets approved, you will get the voice conversation with one of the Google hirer, who will ask about your experience, background.

Onsite interviews:

       Took place between 4-5 candidates in where general questions regarding coding, programming, algorithms etc will be asked. Chat with the interviewer, water or snacks break is all part of this interview and sometime even the lunch with them.Once it is all done your application will go to senior googlers and if they signed on it, you will get the congratulations letter.