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Vegetable And Fruit Business –How To Start In Pakistan (sabzi Ka Business)

You might have seen people coming from different villages, towns with a trolley (Rerhi) selling vegetables on it. But have you ever thought for a second that how much vegetable does he has on it? If you haven’t thought that, then you might not have thought about how much profit he gains on 1 kg vegetable too, and how much he is earning daily.

One common vegetable seller (Those who are selling on Donkey-carts or hand carts) buys 1 dhari (5kg) item from warehouses. Few buyers are in hurry and buy immediately from the stock but few are just standing behind and waiting for the right time. When most of the customers have gone, the remaining customers have left with 2 options, as well as the sellers also left with 2 options. These options are,

1.       To sell and buy good quality product

2.       To sell and buy bad quality product

Let’s take here an example of bananas. When they arrived in market, they are tied to one branch plant. Those bananas that tore apart from that branch have approximately 25-30% less rates, and the Rerhiwala’s buy such products. This product is not defective but only because it is not the part of that branch anymore, it has lesser rate than others. They buy this product in cheap rates, but sell to their customers on actual rate.  Talking about tomato, if good quality has rate Rs.80, and cheap quality rates 60, mixing them together will make their entire rate equal to 80. But the biggest mistake they do is whenever they get the product, immediately they put them on their carts and go out to sell. Before doing that, the first step is to wash them. However the defective piece can be sell on profit, but it is recommended according to business point of view, to throw them away.  If you have only good quality food for sell, even if you charge 10Rs high rate on them, your customers will buy it happily.

If anyone is selling or want to sell vegetables on mobile, then a basic technique is used, in which you announces the lowest rate item to public. Put a list of rates of your items and make it on display for all. To make it more profitable business, do some branding for it. Here you can get tips of how to do that.

Branding of product

Few people use pickups to buy vegetable or fruit products from the market and sale them to the local shops and earn profit. Few are in contacts of landlords. They immediately buy, whenever the crops are ready, and sell them in the market with huge profit margin. It is also the most profitable way in this field. If someone really wants to do business of vegetables or fruits, buy from fields, and sell in market instead of selling door to door.

Have you ever noticed that without the season of tomatoes in Punjab, still they are available in market? Where they come from? The answer is, they come from Sindh. Many products whose season are yet to start, comes in market before from different places where they are available. This happens because of tunnel farming

The business of vegetables and fruits is very much profitable as every person eats them in the daily routine. If it is need of every person, it cannot be a low profit business. Even people are selling it online too many online grocery stores have been made on internet, and they have hire delivery agents in different areas to sell them. Another option to gain more profit is to export vegetables.