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Gaming Zone Business- Small Business Ideas In Pakistan

It is the main point of games where people come and play different video ga mes. You can start this business on the investment of 5,10 or 50 lakh PKR. In this article, I will go with the example of 10 lakh rupees. If you want to start with low investment, simply divide the details with it and if more, multiply. Following are the things that are required to start this business

1. Land:

Land must not be in small cities, but is big cities. For example, Lahore, sialkot, Multan, Karachi, Islamabad, sukkur, Peshawar, Quetta etc. It is not that this business only can run in these cities, it can also be started in smaller ones too but only low invested project of this business will be successful in these areas.

Do not start this business in very rich society or very poor, but in middle class people's society. The reason for this, is because rich have their own gaming zones in their homes and poor one do not go for it because of saving money for their needs first. In the middle class society, people have enough money to spent on small entertainments like this. 

Land should be in that place where people usually can start in some market or in any other busy place. 

Minimum land required for this business is approximately 200 square feet (12ft width, 18ft height).

2. Building:

It is a big hall type building, where you will have to install the glass doors and windows, ceiling, carpet etc. Make this building divided into three parts. 

1. For office

2. For waiting

3. For playing

You can do this partitioning by walls, or you can make cabins or you can differentiate them by specific decoration.

3. Tools and machinery:

In the office, you need furniture in which, one table for work and few chairs for sitting. In the 10 lakh budget business, 8 person will play game at a same time and almost sane number will be in waiting compartment. So you required almost 10 mini sofas for the waiting section. And furniture for sitting area in gaming section, you can prepare from furniture shop or you can get it readymade from the market.

Gaming Zone: 

For gaming zone, you need a server. This server will control all your computers. This could cost you 1 lakh rupees. Then you need 8 computers for 8 people playing at a same time. 8 computers cost you 4 lakh rupees, if you count each item = 50000. Then you need UPS, because you know very well the electricity conditions in Pakistan. 70000 approximately will be cost on the ups and its batteries. Then you must have 1.5 ton Ac (60000 PKR approximately).

4. Profit: 

Online tournaments conducted in different cities like Lahore, Karachi, Multan etc in which many people participate. There are too many games in the market now. Other than online games, many offline games can also be bought or downloaded. Have a stock of good and thrilling games. 

Usually, 3 hour session is for one person and 250 Rs, charged from it. If you run a shift of 12 hours/day, then on 1 computer, 4 person can come and play. If you calculate it on 8 computers, then 32 customers will come and play per day. 32*250 = 8000 per day, and if you calculate it on monthly bases, then 240000 per month.


You will have to hire an IT expert to take care all the problems in your computers on salary of 20000/month. Include rent (if any), electricity bills, internet bills etc, it will approximately 70000.

So if you calculate, 240000-70000= 170000, is what you can save per month from this business. However the business cannot give this 100? profit from the very start, so if you calculate on half of it even, which is 120000 profit, then still you can save 50000 monthly.

5. More tips:

You can attach small stickers of different games on computer screen to let the customers know which computer has what games in it. Also you can make a schedule chart, in which it is mentioned which computer have these good games in it, and place this schedule in the waiting area so that people  who are waiting can have a complete mindset, what to do next.