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How To Become An Airhostess In Pakistan- The Best Jobs In Pakistan After Passing Intermediate

Air hostess is one of the high repute jobs in Pakistan, wanted by many young students. This job is a wonderful hope for every young girl who wants some good career.

In this job, you will not only earn a handsome amount of income but you also meet different people from around the world. You will also go to different popular places and that too by Earning money from it instead of paying, and if you got lucky, a chance to meet celebrities too.

This profession might seem easy but it is not, especially for a women. Many responsibilities and management are up to them. She has to meet every traveler with a cute smile, give importance to security, make the journey comfortable, showing travelers their seat etc. Also they had to handle a bad character traveler with a same attitude too, which is a very difficult task.

An air hostess could get promoted as senior flight attendant or higher rank, head attendant. They can perform the duty as an air hostess, to 8-10 years maximum, and afterwards they can perform other ground duties in which the jobs like check hostess, new air hostess trainer, are included.

In this job, instead of your education, your personality plays a key role.

1.     Air Hostess Qualification/Eligibility

Following are the four things which make a women eligible to become an air hostess.

1. Educational Qualification for Air Hostess Course

The minimum requirement of education to step into this profession is intermediate level. Many academies also offers the desired course even after matriculation, but it is preferred to get these, after intermediate. You also need to learn one or more than one international language, other than Urdu and English.

2. Age and Marital Status

It is up to the institutional terms, what limit they are demanding. Usually they prefers the age of 17-26.

Marital status also linked with the terms. However, unmarried girls are high preferable than unmarried.

3. Physical Standards

Minimum height needed for this profession is 5 foot 2 inch (5.2”). Skin color is also a key factor. More fair, more chances to get the job. Personality and skin color shout be attractive, and body should be physically good.

4. Medical Condition

She must not have any mental disease history. Eye sight demanded as 6/9. Some airlines may grant you some concession but your history must be cleared from any kind of major disease.

2.     Behavioral Skills Required

Other than your educational and physical requirements, you also need a very good behavior for the respective field too.

·         Pleasing Personality:

·         With good appearance, you need an attractive voice too. Your behavior must be kind to the travelers. This friendly behavior can take you to airhostess post.

·         Good Communication Skills: With pleasant voice, your communicating skills should also be very good to understand the problems, and provide what they needed.

·         Presence of Mind: In cases, where emergency landing has to be done, air hostess has to play a main role `to manage the customers properly. For this, she must have very cool mind.

·         Team Work: You are not alone to be on service, there are more too. so you have to work as a team

·         Ready Work for Long Hours: you all are familiar with the delay in time of flights. Sometimes, due to the reason of bad weathers. In that cases, you have to be ready to serve more time.

3.     Examination

To recruit air hostesses, all airlines do an examination which can be divided into three following parts

Written Examination: it tests why you willing to join. The pattern is similar to the competitive exams, and multiple-choice questions are given

Group Dynamics: this exam is held to test your presence of mind, your communication skills, team work, leadership quality, your attitude etc.

Interview: the company will know about your overall personality in this one on one discussion. If you get selected, you will get training for the next 6 months.

4.     Air hostess Training Institute/Academy

If you really want to make this dream come true, then you must join some academies or training institutes for this purpose

There are some other institutes also but these 5 are the best.

5.      Documents required:

CNIC card

4 passport size photographs

Intermediate or graduation certificates

Valid passport is required.

6.     Air Hostess Salary

It depends upon in which company she got the job

Usually a company gives from 30,000 Rs to 150,000 Rs. Domestic airlines usually gives 30,000 Rs  to 60,000 Rs, and international airlines will give up to Rs 150,000 varying from the experience. Some popular international companies also give 160000 Rs to 300000 Rs to their senior hostesses.

These companies also give you retirement plan, medical insurance and high discounts on tickets.

7.     Male Air Hostess

Following this same article, men can also be part of this job.